Mahina – An ode to women

The year 2018 marks the 67th anniversary of the first Moluccan KNIL soldiers arriving in the Netherlands. Accompanying these soldiers were Moluccan women — the focal point in expressing and conveying Moluccan culture. The traveling exhibition ‘Mahina – An ode to women’ commemorates this historic arrival. This exhibition tells the story of the contemporary Dutch-Moluccan community; focusing on the crucial role that women played within it.’Mahina – An ode to women’ is a triptych consisting of facial portraits, theme portraits, and short documentaries. These tell the story of the past, present and most importantly the future of the Moluccan community as it relates to Dutch society.
The traveling exhibition ‘Mahina – An ode to women’ is made by Teru collective: Jaïr Pattipeilohy, Lesli Taihuttu and Atêf Sitanala. In collaboration with Stichting Moluks Historisch Museum and Tuhuteru and Partners. Made possible by Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds.
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– September / October 2018: Traveling exhibition / De Nieuwe Kolk (DNK), the cultural center in Assen (NL)
– July / August 2018: Traveling exhibition / Camp Vught National Memorial (Nationaal Monument Kamp Vught) in Vught (NL)
– June 2018: Traveling exhibition / Creative Space VOX-POP at Faculty of Humanities – University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (NL)
– February 2018: Conference of museum professionals at Museo internazionale delle marionette Antonio Pasqualino, Palermo (IT)
– December 2017: Part of the Sampari Art Exhibition at ACU (Australian Catholic University) Art Gallery in Melbourne (AU)
– October 2017: The film ‘Lau kopot o’ is screened during the week of colonial history at Museum Bronbeek, Arnhem (NL)
– May / September 2017: Part of the 500 years World Reformation Exhibition ‘Gates of Freedom’ in Lutherstadt Wittenberg (DE)
– Februari / March 2017: Exhibition ‘Hier sta ik – Molukse vrouwen in Nederland’ in the Lebuinus church in Deventer (NL)
– July 2016: Part of the exhibition ‘Tali Pusar’ (50 years Moluccan community Tiel) at Flipje – en Streekmuseum in Tiel (NL)
– June 2016: The film ‘Lau kopot o’ is screened during IndoFILMcafé at DROOMvillage LUX cinema in Nijmegen (NL)
– April 2016: Exhibition ‘Mahina’ in Las Palmas, part of 65th anniversary Moluccan community in the Netherlands, Rotterdam (NL)

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