The making of Mahina

A look behind the scenes by one of the theme portraits of the cultural project ‘Mahina – An ode to women’. In this theme portrait Danny Kolanus dances the ceremonial and ritual dance Tnabar Fanewa.

Danny Kolanus’ family came to the Netherlands in the early 1950s as a result of forced migration in the course of Indonesia’s independence. Danny’s maternal family – called Koritelu – comes from the village of Watidal in the Tanimbar Islands. There the Koritelu family traditionally provides the Fare, which plays a central and leading role in ritual dances. In her portrait Danny dances the ceremonial Tnabar Fanewa, in which she imitates a flying eagle and makes contact with her ancestors. The house altar Tavu also takes up this symbolism. [November 2015]

This theme portrait, the documentary ‘Lau kopot o – Bearer of culture’ and a selection of other portraits are currently (from October 2019 – January 2021) displayed in the long-term exhibition ‘WORLDS IN MOTION. Narrating Migration’ in the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

This theme portrait is part of the ‘Mahina – An ode to women’ cultural project. Exhibited at various locations during the traveling exhibition in the Netherlands. Made by Teru collective: Jaïr Pattipeilohy, Lesli Taihuttu and Atêf Sitanala. More info:
Mahina – An ode to women
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